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Automation Should be Strategic, not Reactionary

01/03/2024 15:42 PM
Over almost 20 years I've observed that when it comes to automation, most businesses want it or even declare they can't operate without it.  Increasingly companies must evolve through technology ...

Responsible Automation in the Age of Technological Advancement

18/12/2023 16:23 PM
Defining Responsible Automation Responsible automation goes beyond mere efficiency and productivity; it embodies a commitment to ethical, sustainable, and socially conscious practices. This approach...

Exploring the Challenges Behind Full Automation

15/12/2023 15:10 PM
Given the incredible technologies available today, why isn't everything fully automated already?  Is Elon Musk right and there will be no jobs in the future?  Why don't we all have a Rosie...

A New Paradigm for Job Satisfaction in the Age of Automation

11/12/2023 11:57 AM
In the chase for attracting and retaining the best employee talent businesses are exploring an assortment of employee benefits.  Options such as hybrid or fully remote working, gym memberships,...

The Crucial Role of Automation in ESG and Sustainability

07/12/2023 15:21 PM
Advanced control systems and automation have become imperative for safety, efficiency, quality and productivity but can they also address critical challenges related to Environmental, Social, and Gove...

Empowering Change: Winning Over a Reluctant Workforce to Embrace Automation

06/12/2023 13:46 PM
The introduction of automation into the workplace can be met with resistance from a workforce accustomed to traditional methods. We explore effective strategies for selling automation to a reluctant...

Empowering Productivity: The Transformative Impact of Machinery Automation

04/12/2023 09:33 AM
In industries where efficiency and productivity are paramount, machinery automation stands as a game-changer. There are profound implications of embracing automation in the context of boosting...

Machine Control and Risk Management: Safeguarding People, Equipment and Process

30/11/2023 09:36 AM
In industrial and mining settings risk management is not merely a priority; it's a fundamental requirement for sustainable and responsible operational practices.  Various risks ranging from...

Tough Times for Business

23/06/2022 14:06 PM
Businesses are being hit pretty hard with some unusual and not so unusual economic phenomena at the moment and I'm hearing a lot about the impacts.  Skilled labour shortages, high energy costs,...

What We Do

23/05/2022 10:02 AM
We have in-house electrical engineering and project management qualifications, substantial experience in control systems, automation design and implementation, and we utilise a trusted network of...