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About Us

My name is Brendan Nolan and I am the director and founder of Nolara Automation Solutions. I am passionate about automation and technology and this company is dedicated to bringing automation to businesses big and small.

Today's technology is capable of amazing things and can make our lives better, but there is a big gap in the availability of technology tools and their useful application. At Nolara we bring together the technology building blocks to create unique solutions that make your workplace more safe, productive, efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly, and successful.

I have more than 15 years in the mining industry which has taught me extensively about automating difficult conditions whilst minimising operational and safety risk and I understand the processes needed to successfully bring automation into the workplace.

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What We Do

We have in-house electrical engineering and project management qualifications, substantial experience in control systems, automation design and implementation, and we utilise a trusted network of sub-suppliers to ensure the right technical skills are applied to building our solutions.


Here are some examples of how we can provide value to your business:


Business Case Development

Your business wishes to improve safety, efficiency, productivity, quality, cost control, environmental sustainability or/and employee job satisfaction without additional head count. Automation has been identified as one way to achieve this but you aren't sure what you should focus on or how much to spend. We can analyse your value chain processes and identify the opportunities for improvements through automation, assigning values to these gains that allow you to clearly understand the return on your investment and the limits on what you should spend.


Forward Planning

Your business is planning major capital purchases in the next few years and you have a strong business case for automation. You need to articulate your requirements to OEMs through technical specifications as part of the equipment supply. We can generate these documents on your behalf and work with OEMs ahead of time to ensure your equipment meets your automation performance expectations when it arrives.


Custom Solutions

You are clear on what you want to do and what the outcome should be. Let us build the solution for you. We take technical specifications and determine the best solution for your needs and budget. It may be a single machine, a piece of hardware or software, or it may be a system built from many components from different sources. If the solution doesn't exist we will do the R&D work to determine feasibility and develop a suitable solution for your needs. We are solution builders and ready to solve your challenges. 


Automation Project Engineering and Management

With experience in managing the delivery and implementation of large (>$100M) and complex equipment supply projects, we can help ensure your automation project is delivered on time, within budget, to specification and the right quality outcomes. 


If any or all of these examples represent your needs, please contact us. We are available to provide our services across Australia and internationally.

We make it easy

Whether your project is big or small, we have the vision, creativity, skills, experience and drive to help you automate your workplace.

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