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Why Automate?


Protecting the health and welfare of your people is the highest priority. Automation can separate people from hazards or intelligently avoid unsafe conditions and allow operators to manage and monitor the systems from a safe place. This could be anything from preventing repetitive strain injuries to more serious consequences from interactions with powerful equipment. Safety is embedded in everything we do at Nolara. Talk to us to find out how we can support your drive towards zero harm.


Even the best workers are prone to making mistakes from time to time. With automation, you can ensure the highest possible quality is achieved day in, day out.

Productivity & Efficiency

Automation allows you to produce more with fewer resources and less time. Intelligent systems can perform functions in a fraction of the time of a human allowing you to maximise your productivity and efficiency.

Cost Minimisation

With higher productivity and efficiency comes reduced unit costs of production, not just for material costs but also with the time of your people. Your highly skilled employees are best utilised on the high value tasks they are trained to do, not on the mundane and repetitive tasks that can be automated. At Nolara we can work with you to identify which tasks can be automated and offer solutions to ensure you are maximising the value from your employees time and minimising the costs of lesser value activities.

Environmental Impact

By producing more efficiently and at higher quality with automation you can reduce your environmental footprint through reduced consumption of inputs such as raw materials, energy, water and chemicals, and minimisation of waste and product rejection.

Employee Job Satisfaction

We've all had to do mundane tasks at work that don't excite or motivate us as employees. What if you could get a machine to do some or all of those jobs? Today's technology can help you spend more of your time doing the interesting work and improve the job satisfaction of you and your team. Talk to us at Nolara to find out what solutions we can provide for the jobs you'd rather not do.

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